First steps to happiness.

“Man is born for happiness as a bird is born to fly”.

It is a quote from an essay of Vladimir Korolenko. He was a Russian short story writer, journalist, human rights activist and humanitarian.

Now, if you want happiness and a good life what do you need to do?

You need to learn and to learn and to learn. You need to learn what is good and what is bad. You need to learn about your family, about your community, about your country, about the world.

You must learn what is given in schools, you must learn some occupation, you must prepare yourself for work and then to start working. I don’t believe that an able person who does not work can have a happy or good life.

Here I want to stress that in my understanding work not necessarily brings money. A mother who cares about her child is working hard. Any person who works hard on improving himself or herself is working. Any person who cares for others or is a volunteer is working. Artists, composers, writers are working but their work is not necessarily appreciated at once or at all.

You must learn to love yourself and to love people. You must learn what is really important to you, what are your weaknesses and your strengths.

Learning is a process that should never stop. Learning yourself is a very important part of it. You need always remember that you are unique, that what is good for others might be not good for you.

It’s very important that you find good knowledgeable people who can help you. They might be parents or other relatives, siblings or friends, teachers, neighbors, community or religious leaders. You can also learn from good books, movies, all means of communication.

I believe that by 22-23 years of age you must get all basics that you need for building good life for yourself and for people you love or for people you will love. 


9 thoughts on “First steps to happiness.

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    Everyone wants to be happy. How to achieve it? In this post I share my thoughs about steps to happiness and give several quotes of famous people.

  2. Your art, your quotes, your paintings, your music, your writings and whatever else I missed – WOW, WOW, WOW! I am playing catch up tonight losing myself in your Blog! You captivated every ounce of my attention and then some. Your Blog is absolutely BRILLIANT! Definitely coming back on a more frequent basis! Congratulations!

      • I can do that! Did you receive e-mail confirmation that I signed up to receive e-mails of your Blog?

        • I did not read emails yet. You know today is the Oscar’s night. So I just published a post about
          Audrey Hepburn (was busy with it). Best to you!

  3. I like everything you’ve written, but I take umbrage with Ernest Hemingway who should have taken his own advice and before he loaded the gun should have thought, before he pointed the gun should have prayed, before he pulled the trigger should have waited. I say for all who feel there is no hope, no way out, and believe they are alone in the world:

    Ask for help before you act, and ask, if necessar, multiple times and don’t quit.

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