You are born for happiness and love!

Live has many ups and downs. Even in the depth of depression I remembered the words of a Russian short story writer, journalist, human rights activist and humanitarian Vladimir Korolenko:

“Man is born for happiness as a bird is born to fly”.

These words helped me to overcome all problems in my lives in the Soviet Union and in US. But happiness is not possible without love. You must love yourself and it gives you immense capacity to love others.

New Year is coming. I wish that your life was a happy flight full of love!

IN FLIGHT by Jean-Louis Teisseire

IN FLIGHT                                    by Jean-Louis Teisseire

SWANS by Neil HOward

SWANS             by Neil Howard.                      White swans are a symbol of love. 


6 thoughts on “You are born for happiness and love!

  1. yes, learning to accept and love what is is not easy but once done it completely changes your perspective and you see the world differently. You experience less pain and really begin to enjoy life! I wish you the best! and hope the coming year offers you more happy moments than you can count!

    • Thank you, Maureen. You do understand what I meant. It is not necessary to be famous or rich to be happy and
      enjoy every minute of life. Everyone needs to learn yourself, to love, to accept realities and to build a
      happy life on this basis. Best to you!

    • V. Korolenko stated that this was written in the sand on the beach by
      a man who was born without arms. He wrote the sentence by a leg.

      • Right! But I also know that we must build our happiness. It’s never ending process that
        brings tremendous satisfaction and self-esteem. It can be very difficult from time to
        time but life is not supposed to be without problems.

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