Life is the best motivator!

There are many good motivational blogs in the WordPress blogosphere. They are well written and many of them contain beautiful uplifting photos and wise quotes of famous people.

However, I believe that life is the best motivator.

Let me share with you our experience.

My wife and I came in the USA in 1975 with two children. My wife did not know English at all. I believed that I knew English as in the USSR I translated many scientific papers and was able to communicate with foreigners in English. However, my first days in New York were terrible. I could not understand people and people could not understand me.

What did we do?

I found a job as a cutter in a tie factory. I worked 8 hours daily and spent 4 hours to go to work and back. There were 4-5 hours for sleep. All remaining hours I read books by Irving Shaw, The New York Times and watched news on TV. In six months my English improved drastically. Then I was able to find a better job.

During those six months my wife attended English classes and then she found a job as a clerk.

Our jobs were not interesting for us (my wife was a designer of the textile machinery in the USSR and I was a scientist) and our salaries were very low.

We had to learn new occupations. After work I went to Queens College and in two years got a BS in accounting. Then I got a job as an accountant in a publishing company..

My wife took a course of designing pipes for nuclear power stations. After graduation she found a very good job as a technician.

Our life improved drastically. We were happy to earn enough money for living and have more time for loving our children, for our friends, for enjoying life.

Our happy life did not last long. In three years almost at the same time we lost our jobs.

Then a new difficult and exciting phase of our life started.

Life is the best motivator!



10 thoughts on “Life is the best motivator!

  1. Reblogged this on PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS and commented:

    I think that majority of my followers did not read this post.
    During our 40 years in America we often heard: “I want it and I want it now!” My responses are: “What did you do to get it?” and “Go for it!”

  2. A great and telling story! Like you mentioned, life is the best motivator. While other’s lives can teach us a lot, we need to be ready to just go out and pursue our own desires. The experiences we take in from that initial step will be more educational and inspirational than anything else!

  3. Reblogged this on Takeshi's Flight and commented:
    I love the quote. The story is inspiring that the author emphasizes to us that life doesn’t end when you lose something (in his case, his former job and the promise of high salary). As humans, we should adapt and learn new things, and keep ourselves motivated.

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