A story about my first short story.

After three very difficult years in US I worked as an accountant in the publishing house Grosset and Dunlap (by that time I graduated in accounting from Queens College). After working many years in the USSR in research and management positions I found my job very easy and dull, but we needed it badly for living.

My old friend recommended me to start writing to make life more interesting. The idea was very tempting.

In the Soviet Union I published three textbooks and many scientific papers but I never wrote a short story. So at the ripe age of 44 I decided to try it. I wrote a story in Russian about our first experience in the high school of overrunning Americans.

I rewrote this story in English for this blog. You can find it HERE.

I am a very humble person (not everybody believes it) but I liked my story very much. Without delay I sent it to the most popular in the world (outside of the USSR) Russian language newspaper Novoe Russkoe Slovo (The New Russian Word).

Less than a week passed and I received a letter from the desk of the editor-in-chief (I don’t want to mention his name) that he read the story and liked it very much. He added that the story will be in the next Monday’s paper.

I was very glad that my start in writing was successful and told several friends that my story will be in the paper soon.

On Monday morning I bought the paper but…the story was not in it. So I called the paper to find out why it was not published. The answer surprised me very much. They told me that the story rejected. They also told me that the person who sent me the letter was not now with the paper and that he was crazy. I was so shocked that I did not even ask how this person was able to get my story and how he knew my address.

It took me about 30 minutes to recover. Then I thought that if a crazy person who for many years was a good writer, journalist and editor liked my story it definitely meant that the story was very good!

From that time I wrote many short stories and articles on different topics and all of them were published.

HAPPY PUPPY DOG by Andrew Sclafani

HAPPY PUPPY DOG                                                                         by Andrew Sclafani

5 thoughts on “A story about my first short story.

  1. This is an interesting story JF, and it brings to mind a lesson that I learned myself. Writing for business, and writing for pleasure are two very different things. And being good at one, doesn’t necessarily mean being good at the other. You have a very interesting personal story, and it’s one that I’m certain most people would like to hear. Keep up the good work. ~James

    • James, I’ll try my best. Each of us is a part of history. Younger generations need to know facts instead of
      opinions of so called exports. Best to Terri and you!

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