I am in a hotel with my grandson.

He does not speak yet but I am sure that he understands everything.

He does not walk yet but I am sure that he’ll start walking any moment.

Imagine that he crawls to a chair and slowly stands up grabbing it with both hands.

Then he hesitates. He wants to go from the chair but he fears to fall.

At that moment I tell him: “Leave the chair and go to me! I’ll catch you!”.

My grandson looks at me, smiles, makes two small steps and falls in my hands.

We are both very happy! Then I say: “Go back to the chair and grab it!”.

He does not hesitate and makes two steps to the chair. I tell him: “Excellent, you already can walk. I love you! Now go to the mirror!”

He looks at me, then he looks at the mirror. He goes there. It’s very funny to see how he tries to keep balance but he succeeds and stops with one hand on the mirror.

I tell my grandson: “Very good! Now go to the door!”.

Again he looks at me, then at the door. I am smiling. He smiles too and goes to the door.

I tell him: “Good boy, Grandpa loves you! Now go back to me!”

He leaves the door and comes back to me.

He started to walk! Only two of us know it! We are so proud! And we are very, very happy!

Can you see how happy we are?

Just imagine!

HAPPY PUPPY DOG by Andrew Sclafani

HAPPY PUPPY DOG     by Andrew Sclafani

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    This morning in a post I stated that people with children are very, very rich. Later I found my old post that proves that people with grandchildren are also very, very rich. I decided to reblog it for you.

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