Three funny quotes?!

I really don’t know why all these quotes were in “funny quotes”.

From my point of view, all of them are extremely serious and real.

For example, who can argue with the first quote below? We can see different realities almost in every family or political dispute.


It is also clear that the second quote here is simply a fact. I am sure that no person in FBI will say that it is not true.


Finally, the quote about COMMON SENSE. Surely, it is a rare commodity today. There is no wonder that people prefer to save it for the distant future.

Internet is a very strange place. I wonder who decided that these quotes were funny?


21 thoughts on “Three funny quotes?!

  1. Sorry but the third one made me laugh. Nothing like being on the subway during rush hour in August, standing room only, surrounded by armpits while people reach up to hold the bars above for balance. Common sense should tell them that they need deodorant.

  2. I have to comment on the 1st one. I have said this before but in a different way. My reality is much different and the way I think is not like most people I come across. I’m been referred to as crazy, messed up and other not so nice terms…but I never claimed to be sane or a clear thinker. I own all my stuff, the crazy, happy, weird odd stuff.
    I totally agree the internet is a strange place. I don’t think these quotes are funny at all. I don’t this is how I think. Although I am never a jealous woman, I figure if you don’t got what it takes to keep someone let them go. It’s not worth the trouble to research although I have done that for security reasons.
    Where have you been? I haven’t seen you online much?
    Recently my WP has really messed up and I lost the blogs I follow I don’t know why but it’s great when I re-discover blog I like to read such as yours. Have a super Friday!

      • In a strange way (I guess) a laugh can be a reaction, a reaction to ‘lift’ us up – remember once a heavy-rain dark evening – I had a flat tire on a deserted highway – while I shifted it then I was wet wet wet – it wasn’t fun – but when I had finished it and was ready to go- i was thinking about how I probably looked like – so I got to laugh… πŸ˜€

        • Right. I noticed that after a moment of very intense fear (somebody was about to be hit by a car and you pulled him in safe place) laughter starts.

  3. Like, like, like! These thoughts are really not funny but they do bring a smile to your lips. Maybe that’s because they are very tongue-in-cheek. Thanks for sharing; you’ve made my day πŸ˜€

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