There is nothing else I can do!

Very often my days start with surprises.

I can awake with new feelings or new ideas, I can switch on TV and see something that requires me to react to it in some way. I can start reading emails and immediately find not just one but several emails that answer questions that I have or at least show me where I can find answers..

Last two months I noticed that I like very much photos of full Moon on the dark sky. You can see that I posted several such photos during last two weeks.

In December I started my first attempts of painting using PC paint program. Very soon I noticed that I like to fill the field with black and then to put the yellow circle close to the right upper corner.

Yesterday I posted the photo by Derek Kind “Full Moon Rising Over Mount Shasta”. Today I found that somebody from the terrific four people blog “The World According To Dina” liked this photo.

Then I remembered that one young man recently joined “The World According To Dina” and he liked some my posts before.

As all my followers are outstanding people I decided to find more about this young man.

I went to Wikipedia and found the following:

Klausbernd Vollmar, (born 22 November 1946) is a German scientific psychologist, specialized in the language of symbols, in dreamart and advertisement.

Vollmar was born in Remscheid, Germany. He studied German literaturelinguisticsphilosophy and geography at the Ruhr-University/Germany and the McGill University/Montreal. After his degrees he was awarded a research scholarship by the Canada Council at the McGill University.

He worked as editor in chief of different papers and magazines, as director (theatre and films) and for the Goethe-Institut (the international German culture institution) in Finland.

In the 1970s he returned to university to study psychology. He was a student of the countess Dr. Olga von Ungern-Sternberg (a direct student of C.G. Jung). He undertook anthropological studies in Asia and the Arctic, about which he wrote in his novel “Wasserberg” and his “Arctic Diary”.

Later he ran bookshops in Cologne, worked in the publication department of the Findhorn community, Scotland and was a member of an English Gurdjieff group.

Since the end of the 1980s he has lived on the Norfolk coast, writing mostly non-fiction books for international publishing houses and working for radio and television.

His main subject is the language of symbols, dreams and the impact of colour on our lives. Besides that he is known as a specialist for the Arctic. He published several articles about the concept of the north and the picture of the Inuit in literature and film.

His books are translated in 15 languages. Apart from the books about creativity and personal development he wrote the German standard encyclopedia of symbols in dreams and the first German encyclopedia of colour in history, art and printing.”

Aha! Here is the man who can answer my questions!

Surely, I went to see the last post on “The World According To Dina”.

Below is what I found:


I found this post very interesting. It answered my questions.  It explained that yellow colour is female colour and the circle is a female form. It also explained that black is intellectual colour. “Black is fashionable!…Black is sexy!…Black is a lucky colour!”

Today is the Valentine’s Day. Let this post be my gift to you!

There is nothing else I can do!

Except this

My seventh painting

My seventh painting

15 thoughts on “There is nothing else I can do!

  1. You have taken us totally be surprise with this lovely post!! 🙂 Thank you so much for mentioning the World according to Dina and all your kind words about Klausbernd Vollmar and our recent post!
    You just put a big, big smile on my face, what a great entry to the weekend.
    Have a Happy Valentine yourself!
    Love, Dina xo

    • Sue, it is very good that the expert confirmed what I felt
      when I created the painting and when i posted many images with
      Full Moon. Only the best for you and your family!

  2. Wow, what a surprise! 🙂
    I feel very much honoured and I am speechless.
    THANK YOU very, very much!
    By the way, together with my chirpy Bookfayries Siri and Selma I will go on blogging about colours. An article about RED will be the next, but before we will publish some other posts with Dina’s great pictures.
    I wish you a happy weekend
    All the best
    Klausbernd 🙂

    • Your post was a great timely surprise for me! I am looking forward to all future
      posts. Am I right that there are 4 of you? It seems to me that you are relatives.
      Is it so? Anyway, I am very happy to find a blog that has so much knowledge, wonderful
      writing, beauty and humor in it. My best wishes to all of you!

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog and brining me here! This is strange, almost eerie – so many little and random connections: my blogging name is fullmoonrunner, I a psychologist, am from Cologne, living in Scotland… so many links! Wonderful! Thank you for making my day!

    • Let me add this: I was a runner (3-10 km) in high school and college, I was in Cologne, visited Scotland and
      love books by Rosamunde Pilcher with wonderful descriptions of Scotland and its people. Cheers!

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