My daughter asked…

About 17 years ago my daughter called: “Father, Alex’s company sends him to Philadelphia for seven days. I’d like to go with him. Would you agree to stay with Michael?”

I was already retired at that time and Michael was 3 months old. I could not believe that my highly educated daughter (Price University) asked me such stupid question.

Who would refuse to stay a week with an angel? Would you?

A week passed and my daughter and her husband brought Michael to our apartment.

My daughter showed me how to feed him formula and they left.

Michael and were very happy to stay together. We smiled and talked (each in his own language). When my wife came from work I showed her the happy angel and reminded her that only I am responsible for his well-being.

It was a very happy week!

However, there was one serious problem! I badly wanted to sleep but I could not sleep even when our angel was sleeping. You see, my hearing is very bad. I was afraid that if the angel awakens and starts crying I will not hear him.

Finally, the week passed and Michael’s parents came to fetch their son. They enjoyed their stay in Philadelphia very much and they were very glad to see their happy smiling baby.

Then my daughter asked: “Father, would you be so kind to feed Michael one more time? We are very tired after driving in heavy traffic.”

Surely, I did not mind. I wanted to sleep but I felt sad that the angel was going home. So I took him in my loving hands, put him on the kitchen table and started to feed him with a spoon. Both of us were very happy!

All of a sudden my daughter asked: “Dad, what are you doing? Did not I bring a special support to put him on so that his head was not flat on the table? Did not I tell you about it?”

What could I say?

I answered: “You know, my hearing is bad. And Michael does not know Russian. He was unable to remind me what you said.”

PS. Michael was the fourth young angel in our family. Now we have five of them.

We pray for their happiness and we are ready to share it with them!


12 thoughts on “My daughter asked…

  1. What an interesting story. I enjoyed it. Thanks for the follow. I appreciate! May the Lord give you many, many more years to see His glory upon your grand-children and your love ones in the name of Jesus Christ.

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