Art of Alois Absenger.

I was lucky to find the blog of Alois Absenger ( soon after I started my blog. From that time I enjoy his photos.

Alois places his photos in different categories: landscapes, art meets nature, mammals, birds, insects, still life, etc.

Today I received his permission to post three of his photos at once to show diversity of his work. Then there was a big problem to choose what to post. In the process I understood that whatever I choose will not be good enough, that the only way to understand and enjoy Alois’ work is to go to his blog. So photos below is only an introduction to the blog.

I hope that Alois approves my choice. Below are three photos.







4 thoughts on “Art of Alois Absenger.

    • I just changed the introduction a bit. Looking forward to reading your new posts.
      It is interesting that Amundsen was the hero of my childhood and Grieg was the composer
      I liked very much after reading (when I was 8 years old) a story about him by Russian
      writer Paustovsky. Best to you!

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