Life is fair and beautiful!

Long ago I came to two conclusions: 1. Life is wonderful! 2. You have to pay for happiness. The very best is not given for nothing!


Some years ago I thought that it was not fair that I worked very hard for many years but I have no property.

I never had a bird like below or a horse like below. I never had a castle like below either.

Then I reminded myself that I have a wonderful family, that God gave me an opportunity to live a new life in the USA, freedom to think and choose, ability to learn, appreciate and travel.

I have no property but we visited more than 50 countries and enjoyed beauty of many places including the magical Hawaiian island Maui (see the last photo below).

It is clear that we can easily do without a macaw or a gorgeous horse or a beautiful castle.

There are many pleasures in life each day. A smile, a kiss, a good word, a flower, a cup of coffee, a good book. We just need to…

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