Photos of Sandy by Marek Palacka.

Many of you already saw photos of beautiful Slovakian girls made by Marek Palacka.

If you missed them you can see them at  PHOTOS OF MAREK PALACKA.

In that post I asked to tell me who of the girls was the best. Several people answered that it was impossible to answer, that all of them were very attractive.

This time I chose 5 photos that Marek shared with the Google Photo Community. There is only name Sandy on all photos.

I’d like to ask two questions:

A. Is this the same girl on all photos?

B. What photo you like most?

Here are the photos:









































11 thoughts on “Photos of Sandy by Marek Palacka.

  1. Hello Mr. Jeffrey. I am Sandy, the girl on photos of Marek Palacka. He has told me a lot about you and I would like to thank you for this article. Best wishes from Slovakia! 🙂

    • Sandy, could you tell us whatever you feel possible about yourself? Like where you live, what you are doing, etc.
      I also invite you and your friends to follow this blog. Best to you! 😉

  2. I would say the same woman, and love the 1st and 3rd shots the best. First is a great, beautiful look and the third has the great sunlight surrounding her.

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