I know, I know!

After I published yesterday the short post “Do you believe in evolution? Our relative?” one of my followers (M-R) asked me to clarify my beliefs. I do it by reblogging this post.

6 thoughts on “I know, I know!

  1. Fair enough. Now I know your opinion, and am thus prepared to answer your question.
    You were right. I don’t believe there is a god at all. I believe that is our way of making ourselves feel more comfortable about – everything. But I don’t intend to enter into a discussion about it, for that kind of thing is not best discussed via Comments !

            • What do you find inconsistent? I asked a question (my post). You did not answer it and asked me a question. I answered your question by reblogging my previous post.
              Then you asked me why I asked about belief in evolution. My answer: to gain knowledge. I am very interested how young people come to their opinions.
              It is consistent scientific approach. 😉 😉 😉

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