A painting of my friend V.Ryklin.

In the post MY FRIEND ARTIST VLADIMIR RYKLIN I described how we met and became friends and I showed you a link to some his paintings.

Below is a photo of Vladimir’s painting in our dining room.

We discussed with him many times what happens with people who moved from one kind of society to another (from a totalitarian country to a democratic country, from poor country to rich country, from country where religion persecuted to a country where majority of population is religious, from a country with one religion to a country with many religions).

We also discussed how soon and how willingly people who settle in a new country will learn its language, will accept its laws, will love this country.

The painting below is a result of these discussions. The photo of the painting is not very clear so I want to tell you its idea: people from other countries should WILLINGLY go through a meat grinder (hard years of learning language, laws, working, FULLY adjusting to new culture) to become ROSES (people who love their new country).

photo (9)

4 thoughts on “A painting of my friend V.Ryklin.

    • I have two more of his paintings near it on the wall. Both are full of thoughts and painted in his unique style. All three made more than thirty years ago and they predicted many things that happened later.

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