What is important in art?

Julien Meneret lives in Melun, France. The distance between Melun and New York is 3552 miles.

Julien is 30 years old. The difference in age between us is 50 years.

I don’t know French but I did not need to know the language to understand and enjoy his photos.

Recently I introduced to you his “Rainy day. Park Debreuil, Melun.”

Today I want you to take a look at two other photos. They are so simple! However, I enjoy looking at them. Hope you’ll like them too.


REFLECTION,  DEBREUIL PARK,  MELUN                              by Julien Meneret.


SUNDAY STROLL                                          by Julien Meneret.


















What is important in art? What makes people of different countries, different ages and different cultures understand and enjoy it?




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