Art of Alan Cring.

I follow Alan Cring’s photography since October, 2013.

Today I asked his permission to display the photo below that he shared with the Google Photo Community. He kindly agreed and also gave me links I asked about.


The quote below explains the spirit of Alan’s photography:


“…I need not go far to find beauty, mystery, adventure, and wonder. When I am spending the hours finding these unexpected scenes to photograph, I am at once both at peace and in quiet excitement about what I’ll find and how I will photograph it. I will allow other photographers the cities, the monuments, and the trappings of the unquiet world that far too often lives only for itself as it consumes its people who are so fearful of silence, self-reliance, and occasional loneliness. As for me, I get to stand in the cathedral whose canopy is the sky, whose floor is the land, and whose trappings are nature in all its colors, aromas, and shapes.” Alan Cring


AT THE RIVER BANK NEAR A PRAIRIE LAKE.                by Alan Cring

Below are links to Alan Cring’s Galleries and Store:



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