About Pocono Manor.

What is Pocono Manor?

Wikipedia says: “Pocono Manor is an unincorporated community in Monroe CountyPennsylvaniaUnited States, located at approximately latitude 41.1 and longitude -75.359, at an elevation of 1,706 feet, on Pennsylvania State Highway 314 east of Pocono Summit and west of Swiftwater.[1] It is the location of a resort and golf course called The Inn at Pocono Manor, with a Donald Ross-designed golf course,[2] site of the Pocono Northeast Classic; and of the Pocono Manor Historic District.”

We are now in Pocono Manor and it is clear that the definition above is not very good.

First of all, there is the Carriage House in Pocono Manor. It is an independent time-sharing property.

Secondly, there are many private houses (the Cottage Colony).

Thirdly, until last year there were two 18-holes golf courses. Currently one course is intact and the other has only three holes (see below).

In 2013 a part of Pocono Manor bought by the family owned Kalahari Resorts. It started on the territory of the western golf course construction of the largest in the world indoor water park, a huge convention center, a separate outdoor water park and other facilities. You can read about Kalahari in Pocono Manor HERE.

It is very interesting how Pocono Manor was born and progressed. You can read about it HERE, see views of the Inn at Pocono Manor and read about its operations.

Today I want to show you my photos of two houses on the Manor Drive (it is a major asphalt road in Pocono Manor). Near the Inn Manor Drive is very narrow (one way traffic). Some houses are on a hill above the drive and houses on the other side of it are below the drive.


A HOUSE ON THE HILLY SIDE OF MANOR DRIVE                              by  JF.



A HOUSE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF MANOR DRIVE                             by JF


15 thoughts on “About Pocono Manor.

  1. Pocono Manor history has become my passion since I found this place a year ago and decided to live there. I have a collection of books about the Poconos history and particularly the Pocono Manor. It has a lot of mystical sides in its history. That’s why I related to your story about the morning walk reflecting on the feel of freedom and happiness experienced in that place.
    I am also very concerned about the detrimental effect Kalahari construction can make to the nature in this sanctuary. See http://www.poconorecord.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20140718/NEWS/407180359/0/SEARCH&Template=photos

    • We were here each year since 1978 and we were very glad that inside Pocono Manor nothing
      changed for the worse (outside on route 314 and others there was more and more garbage in
      the woods). Kalahari already destroyed a wonderful golf course (trees and open fields).
      We can only hope that there will be no other bad effects.
      NOTE! Is Monday or Tuesday at 5 convenient for you? The weather on Monday will be better.
      Please let me know. We’ll wait at the reception desk of the Carriage House.

  2. Tuesday 5 will be good. I have work meeting on Monday.
    We expect first warm Summer day on Tuesday – 82F finally!
    See you on Tuesday at Carriage house.

  3. What an amazing and lovely place …. I would certainly like to visit 🙂 Wiki is quite dangerous, I think – it can be very misleading (which is fine for those that understand it is not a Gospel but not fine for those that think it is)

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