I was proud of America in 1941!

On June 22, 1941 without declaration of war Germany invaded the Soviet Union. At that time I was 7 years old.

In 73 years I wrote about that day and the Great Patriotic War in the post MY MOTHER’S BIRTHDAY.

Odessa was occupied during the war and my mother and I were fortunate to reach Sverdlovsk in the Ural Mountains and to rent a small room there. My mother was a nurse in a military hospital and she was able to come to our room only on Sundays for several hours

All other days I stayed in the room reading everything I could find. Our landlords, two mighty sisters about 65 years old, helped me daily to do the most important thing: to get my food ration.

During winter the situation in the city was especially bad. Food rations were tiny and there was impossible to get berries or mushrooms or fishes in the forests. People were starving and some tried to steal your food on the way from a food distribution center. However, I was safe, as both sisters had heavy sticks in their hands and used them effectively without hesitation.

One day we found out that the city received some food from America. Our rations increased. I still remember that we got containers with hot soup in it. One of my protectors gave me a spoon and said: “Eat it right here! I know how hungry you are!”

The soup was delicious. A woman who worked at the center explained that it was a turtle soup.

Several months later we received a big can with an egg powder (it was part of the monthly ration). It was also from America. On Sunday my mother made an omelette from it. It was incredible beautiful and tasteful. We ate it very slowly enjoying every bite.

I asked my Mom where America was and she showed me on a map. Then I asked: “Mom, why this country that is so far away, helps us?”

My mother answered: “America is a mighty and rich country! Today it helps our country and other countries to fight terrible enemy by providing military equipment, materials and food. We hope very much that soon it will fight Nazis together with us and we’ll win the war together!”

I was proud of America in 1941 and I love it since 1941!1flag



Several extracts from Wikipedia:

“The Lend-Lease policy, formally titled An Act to Further Promote the Defense of the United States, (Pub.L. 77–11, H.R. 1776, 55 Stat. 3034, enacted March 11, 1941)[1] was a program under which the United States supplied Great Britain, Free France, the Republic of China and later the USSR and other Allied nations with materiel between 1941 and August 1945…

Joseph Stalin, during the Tehran Conference in 1943, acknowledged publicly the. importance of American efforts: “Without American production the United Nations [the Allies] could never have won the war.”

On December 11, 1941, the United States Congress declared war upon Germany, in response to that nation’s declaration of war following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and only hours after Germany declared war on the United States.”


17 thoughts on “I was proud of America in 1941!

  1. I love that! Well said. My father and his family came to America during the war, so they filled me with stories about how great this country is, stories that I still believe in today. This really is a great country, mostly because of that American spirit that resides in so many of us.

    • I published a book in Russian in 1992 “My First Life”. It was discussed in Russian
      clubs of book lovers. People said: “It’s not about your life, the book is about our lives.”

        • You misunderstood me. The post is not an extract from the book. It’s purpose
          is to remind people today historic role of America in the world and its great leaders.
          FDR started Lend-Lease before America declared war on Germany. He helped England
          even earlier (in September of 1940 he sold destroyers to it). It was time when
          American president understood the threat of Nazis’ Germany and acted decisively.

  2. Reblogged this on PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS and commented:

    There are people in America today that are not proud of their country.
    These people don’t know history or prefer to forget it.
    The post below reminds how America saved the world from the Nazi Germany. During my lifetime America helped many countries to recover after the WW2, saved or freed many countries from Communism, helped and continues to help many countries to develop their economies, to fight diseases.
    I was shocked today to find out that students of UCLA voted to ban American flag in the student area.

  3. People who forget history are doomed to suffer even more in the future.

    The debt of someone who helps us in need can never be paid back, it is truly heart warming remember those acts of kindness and to thank them again and again.

    God bless you…

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