Monochrome madness?

Today I noticed that several my followers submitted wonderful photos to Leanne Cole’s “Monochrome Madness – week 24”.

I got my first digital camera less than two months ago and so far I took only colour photos. I am not sure if my camera has mono mode. However, I learned today that it is possible to convert a colour photo to B&W on PC.

Am I mad enough? Sure, I am.

I took a colour photo of our protector at the Carriage House.

This guy protected guests for many years in all seasons. It was extremely difficult and dangerous job. His wonderful little son was kidnapped one night. He lost his right eye. His right side is greatly damaged. However, he stays bravely on his post and we feel safe near him.

Below is his photo converted to B&W on PC. Does it qualify as monochrome photo?

In any event, I hope you’ll like him.

Our protector (2)     photo by JF

Our protector  (B&W)                                                                               photo by JF













Then I thought that we live in a beautiful wooded area. It is summer now and everything is green. Could it be that the original colour photo is better than the converted one?

Please take a look below and let me know your opinion.

Our protector     colour photo by JF

Our protector                                                                             colour photo by JF












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