Do you like it?

Internet is sick in the Carriage House!

I can’t see even 10% of your wonderful posts!

There is no way to write a story and post it!

So I decided to share this photo.

It has texture and other things in it.

Hope you’ll like it.

Photo by JF

Photo by JF


14 thoughts on “Do you like it?

  1. Makes me wonder what they will think 10,000 years from now of golf courses. What WERE those strange circles in the ground? With holes in the center? πŸ˜‰

      • It might be a sentient being from Alpha Centauri who brushes the dust from the 18th green. We really want to be immortal, don’t we. We don’t like to think that the universe will neither know nor care that we were here.

        • Yes, but I thought again yesterday that we can’t lose anyone we love. They stay with
          us sometimes for many decades. It is very good to know!

    • The course belongs to the Pocono Manor Inn. The Carriage House is an independent
      time-sharing property in Pocono Manor near the course. Thank you for good wishes!
      Best to you!

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