Interview with a famous scientist.

An hour ago I received an email from my friend. It was in Russian.
I translated it to share it with you. We are both interested if you like the interview.
I’d like to know how scientists are thinking. Surely, your mind is working in a laboratory, in a library.
But do you continue to think about a problem at home?
How do you come to discovery?
Well, here is an example. For a long time when my wife and I lied down in bed my wife said to me that she had a headache. So, of course, I was thinking how to deal with this problem. And then one day it hit me, and I discovered …
A new super drug from headache?
No. I discovered that our neighbor was a lonely, kind and sympathetic

6 thoughts on “Interview with a famous scientist.

  1. dear JF !! I was happy meeting you here !! your life diagnoses is “” pleasure of living “” seasoned with “”sense of humor “” !! no matter what life has brought you or intend to ,you are “”the winner””!!
    I’m sick of those who are aging at 30 or 40…being bored and unhappy !! what the fuck !! life is beautiful and is our choice to spend it with whomever we want !! and haw ever we need !!
    god for you !! you are really “”alive”” !! always charmed to meet you here ,you,your jokes, and your joyful way of life !!!!

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