A masterpiece!

Yesterday evening I went to take pictures of several buildings in our area. Then I went home looking around for other interesting stuff.

All of a sudden I noticed that ahead of me walks a girl with a dog on a leash.

Immediately a wonderful thought hit me:

“Make a photo of the girl with the dog and place it on a post together with the famous painting “Symphony in Black” by Erte! Call the post “Old and new”! It will be a masterpiece!”.



I took my Canon PowerShot camera from my pocket and made a first shot. It was too dark.

The girl with the dog started to go faster and the distance between us increased.

I made a second shot but my hands were trembling.

Then I took a deep breath, zoomed and made a very good third shot.

Unfortunately, the dog used the time of my deep breath to relieve himself.

My photo was a real masterpiece!


7 thoughts on “A masterpiece!

    • There is also my post about Erte. You can find it by clicking on “Artists”
      below the header of any my post. It is on the bottom among artists.
      Happy New Year!

  1. That’s actually hilarious, Jeffrey – whether you meant it to be or not ! 🙂
    It’s all about the fundamentals of photography, in truth …

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