The Vermont’s apartments

After 80 years of living in different countries with different political and economic systems, cultures, moral values, attitude to value of each person I always ask one simple question: “Why?”.

Below is a photo of a backyard of the Vermont’s apartments. This apartment house is only two blocks from our apartment house. There are many similar houses in the area but only this one has such wonderful backyard where its residents (especially kids and senior citizens) relax and play.

Why only this one?

What do you think?


VERMONT’S APARTMENTS                                                                     by JF

4 thoughts on “The Vermont’s apartments

  1. If I had never lived in Russia I would not understand this one, but I have. I showed this picture to my wife who is Russian and she asked me if it was somewhere in the south (meaning “of Russia”). So to answer your question – It looks like an up scale apartment complex in Moscow.

    • Steve, our area in Queens is very good for living (quiet, convenient transportation,
      many trees, bushes, flowers. However, at least one third of residents are on welfare.
      It’s low middle income area. Rents are not too high here as people live in the same
      apartment for many years. Some landlords and their people are good managers.

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