Dangerous paintings (part 2)

In the post DANGEROUS PAINTINGS (PART 1) I told you about an article by Pauline Larina.
She wrote in the article that American artist XYZ (I chose these letters instead of his real name because there are artists with the same name) blackmailed rich people by threats to write their portraits. People were afraid of him because many of his customers died after he made their portraits.
Pauline also mentioned ILYA REPIN, the famous Russian artist of the 19th century.
Soon after he finished portraits of composer Mussorgsky, surgeon Pirogov, politician Stolypin all of them died.
Writer Vsevolod Garshin jumped into the stairwell after Repin wrote a sketch of him for his famous painting “Ivan the Terrible kills his son”.
Repin asked many friends to pose in his another famous painting “Cossacks writing a letter to the Turkish Sultan”. Soon after the first exhibition of the painting  many of them died.
But it is not everything in the article. Larina mentions some other facts (if they are really facts) and tells how people tried to explain them. I’ll tell you about it in the “Dangerous paintings (part 3)”.
PC PAINTING 10/14/2014             by JF

by JF

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