Conversation? Silent love? Work?

During one of my walks I saw a very nice couple.

After I walked 3 times around the block I could not resist any more.

I hid behind a tree and made a shot.

However, it was not necessary at all to hide.

They were so involved with what they were doing that they did not see anybody or anything else.

As I am not that young and I don’t have such gadgets I need your help.

What do you think they are doing?

Is it a new way of communication without words?

Is it strong silent love?

Are they working?

Please let me know!




10 thoughts on “Conversation? Silent love? Work?

  1. But surely that is all that everyone does, these days …? – apart from people like me who do not have smartphones and have no need of any such thing …

  2. Years ago at a birthday party for my then eigth grade daughter a boy and girl were sitting next to each other doing nothing. When my wife asked what they were doing, they replied “we are just sharing a moment”

    Kinda looks like these two are doing now each holding a $600 computerized phone, sharing a moment with someone, I think. Either that or they are playing a computer game sharing computers..

    Regards and good will blogging.

  3. That photo makes a strong example of how life has changed in a social media world. We can spend time together yet becworlds apart. I see people all disconnected on mass transit, where nobody is communicating with each other but, instead, are tethered to their smart phone or tablet. If you ask me that’s not very smart!

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