It was a wonderful Sunday evening. We returned home after seeing movie “The Last Emperor” and we were looking forward to a quiet enjoyable dinner.

Suddenly my wife came to my room and said:

“Darling, I am very sorry! You have to choose: me or it!”

I could not believe my ears!

After 29 years of happy marriage I was given an ultimatum.


Everything started so simple.

My oncologist told me that I needed injections of vitamins B. I asked him to let me try to use foods instead of injections. Then I researched what food was the best for this purpose. It was natto.

At 11 I called the natural products store in Manhattan and asked if they had natto. They answered that I was in luck and I must come as soon as possible because natto was in short supply.

I went there and bought a small plastic container with natto.

On the way home in subway I was reading a very interesting book. However, I still noticed that passengers moved as far away from me as they could. Some of them just went to another car.

I thought: “Strange people! I took a shower before going to the store!”

When I came home I put natto in the refrigerator and we went to see the movie.

“My love, what happened? Why are you so upset? Why is this ultimatum?”

She answered: “Come with me in the kitchen!”

We went in the kitchen. There was a very strange unpleasant odor there.

“Please open the refrigerator!”

I opened it and was hit by a wave of a very strong smell. I immediately closed the refrigerator.

My wife said: “It is your natto! I prepared a nice dinner but I don’t think we’ll be able to eat it. I am not sure that we will be able to stay in the apartment either if you don’t throw it away immediately”.

Without words I took a container with natto and a teaspoon and went out from the apartment. Then I opened the container.

Natto smelled terrible. It looked awful. I took a teaspoon of it, put it in my mouth and started to chew. I did not like the taste at all and I decisively closed the container and put it in the garbage shaft.

Then I returned in the apartment, opened windows and turned on air conditioning.

We went to a good restaurant and had a very nice evening.

When we returned home there was not bad odor in the apartment anymore and we slept very well.

It was clear that I made a right choice!

My wonderful loving wife, my best friend stayed with me!

But the problem with vitamins B was not solved!


I am sure that now you’d like to know what is natto. It’s a Japanese food from fermented soybeans.











9 thoughts on “Ultimatum

    • I don’t need natto for many years. But long time ago capsules of
      nattokinase were produced. No odor and no problem in taking them.

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