What do I need to remember?

I need to remember to pursue happiness!

I need to remember to be active and creative!

I need to remember to love, to value, to enjoy!

When I start a sentence I need to remember to finish it.

By the way, this is why all sentences here are short.

Luckily, I do remember that a New Year is coming soon!

I hope that it will be a good year, that it will bring health, peace and happiness.

I do remember to thank God for every minute of my life!



FAMILY                                         by JF

14 thoughts on “What do I need to remember?

    • I was brought up by my mother’s parents. They did not attend colleges
      but they knew simple truths and followed them. These truths are in the
      core of my memory. 😉

  1. A wonderful list of reminders and things to had to my daily “To-do-list.” We often get so caught up in life’s events that we simply fail to do these simple truths. Thank you for reminding me. May you and your family have a blessed Christmas.

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