Golden? Yellow?

I am color blind.
When I saw that there were photo challenges “Yellow” and “Golden” my first reaction was: “Is not this the same?”.
I went to Google and asked for definition of “Yellow“.
The answer was that it is “the color between green and orange in the spectrum, a primary subtractive color complementary to blue; colored like ripe lemons or egg yolks.
Synonyms: flaxen, golden, gold, blond/blonde.”
After this answer I decided to take part in both challenges. The next step was to choose proper photos.
After long consideration I chose four photos below. Please let me know which of them you like more.
#1                            by JF

#1     MORNING IN QUEENS, NYC                                                                by JF


#3                       by JF

#2    MORNING IN HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA                               by JF













#3    ON HOLLYWOOD’S BROADWALK                                                  by JF



#4     FLOWER IN POCONO MANOR                                                              by JF





35 thoughts on “Golden? Yellow?

  1. well I really love how you note that yellow and golden are different. 🙂
    because not even all whites are the same…. 🙂

    I like the sedan image best – the side light on the rail and those trees – also _ i feel is had yellow and golden – nice 🙂

  2. 1and 4 I like more!! you know , I’m sure that we can use “gold” when we need to ” inoculate” the object we describe, to give a value to this thing, to make it more important !! ….golden…..!!
    but even so I like more …pink ….” la vie en rose””!! (hi,hi!!)
    I wish you a very …”golden life””!!

  3. I love number 2. The railing seems golden in some spots and then yellow in others. It’s a beauty for sure. My second choice is the first picture though, it’s very pretty and also has both yellow and gold in it. In that one I’d say the sun is yellow and the water is golden =) Love them!

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