Interview with a famous scientist.

I think that this week must be full of smiles and laughter. This is the reason for the reblog. Hope, you’ll like it.


An hour ago I received an email from my friend. It was in Russian.
I translated it to share it with you. We are both interested if you like the interview.
I’d like to know how scientists are thinking. Surely, your mind is working in a laboratory, in a library.
But do you continue to think about a problem at home?
How do you come to discovery?
Well, here is an example. For a long time when my wife and I lied down in bed my wife said to me that she had a headache. So, of course, I was thinking how to deal with this problem. And then one day it hit me, and I discovered …
A new super drug from headache?
No. I discovered that our neighbor was a lonely, kind and sympathetic

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