We are in dancing mood today

8 thoughts on “We are in dancing mood today

    • Sarah, my hearing is so bad that I can’t hear words of any song.
      I am able to hear about 20 % of what my wife says if I can read her lips. 😉

          • Hooray for CC! 🙂 There’s some good technology for the hard of hearing these days, isn’t there? My nanna was profoundly deaf her whole adult life. My first memories of her include a HUGE battery pack for her hearing aids.

            • I have the best modern hearing aid. It allows me to hear some people but I
              can’t use a cellular phone at all or speak on the usual phone.

              • My nanna had a special phone that could be used with her hearing aid. It’s a common system in the U.K. Some of the shops use it too so deaf people can hear the staff. Maybe they have a similar system where you are…

                • There is a special phone here too. But my wife hated how it was ringing.
                  In addition. I am very happy to let her talk on the phone for me. 😉

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