What I see every day?


In Hollywood every day I see a wonderful tall ship below. It inspires me to walk in the darkness to the stage on the Hollywood’s broadwalk and on the way back to enjoy beautiful sunrises.

In the evenings it inspires us to go to the broadwalk again to dance, to see people enjoying live, to see a guy who sells treasures to kids and adults.

IMG_0776 (640x480)

IMG_0881 (640x480)


















IMG_0864 (640x480).

12 thoughts on “What I see every day?

  1. May I have your blessing to file away the blooper “broadwalk” and use it in s short story? I know what you meant to type, but you’ve created a whole new idiom for the blue-light strip! 😉

      • The areas you mention have sidewalks (foot paths) made of boards (or planks) which are also known as boardwalks.
        They are made of planks to give a steady place to walk on shifting sands.
        In some resorts or beaches they also use the term for a pier.
        There was a popular song (60s?) called “Under the Boardwalk” describing how the singer and his girlfriends enjoyed “picnicking” under the board walk.

        “Broad” is an uncouth word for an adult woman, usually derogatory of her. Hence my amusement at finding the word.

        Hope this helps explain my interest, and also I hope I did not offend you re your language abilities. I have real respect for those who are multi-lingual.
        Peace and love…

        • I am always for peace and love! You did not offend me at all. It’s impossible to do as I know myself well enough. However, I participated in creation of international standards and it required precise use of words.
          There are NO boards (or planks) to walk on anywhere on the Hollywood broadwalk. It’s a simple fact. 😉
          By the way, are you an American? During my first days in this country I found out that Americans use a very strange English. 😉

          • No, not American – a New Zealander, who’s learned UK Ebglish!

            I have checked that link you included, and Googled it also. I had no idea the name was a Proper Noun :: Hollywood Broadwalk.
            But at many of the sites about it, the sites also refer to the Hollywood boardwalk (as a common noun).

            So I guess we’re both right!
            Thanks for the response – I never mind learning something new with words!

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