Gratitude, anticipation, memories, attitude



I greet each day with gratitude and anticipation of its beauty and joy.

IMG_0880 (640x480)

There are many tracks of up and downs of life in my memory.

IMG_0997 (640x480)

I know that there are limits in life. For example, I can’t be in the sun and go to swim in the ocean after sunrise and before sunset. However, I always look at the bright side of things. It’s a great pleasure to stay in deep shadow and enjoy views of the beach, the ocean and happy people in the water.

IMG_0918 (640x480)

16 thoughts on “Gratitude, anticipation, memories, attitude

  1. I have exactly the same problem and do exactly the same thing. Plus, I rent a house right on the beach that has a huge porch covered by a palapa, so i can be on the beach all day and still be in the shade. Enjoyed your pictures…judy

  2. Yes! I fall to my knees (figuratively) with gratitude EVERY single day! The first part of my life was an enormo mess, but some major hard changes have brought me out the other side…now every moment is to savor and embrace!!

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