Here I am


Hi, friends.

Let me introduce myself.

Here is how I look in the mirror.

IMG_1070 (480x640)

29 thoughts on “Here I am

    • No, Greg. I am a simple man. I shot some things in the room. Then I saw
      myself in the mirror. Later I had to crop the picture. 😉

  1. The comment above about your t-shirt matching the painting reminds me of years ago when I was growing up – we had a lovely family from Boston MA a few doors away and I had been picking Greengages in their garden. Betty, the mother, went to find a basket for me to carry some home and we walked towards the house where her husband was shimmying past the window inside ‘Geeeee!! See how Hoops (their name was Hooper) just bleeeeends with the wahlpaper’ she twanged and I the gauche teenager suppressed a giggle lest I appear rude. Funny what memories a picture can inspire

  2. Handsome fellow! You’re definitely wearing well, JF. I hope I look as good in another twelve years – in the female version, of course. And, perhaps, a differently styled t-shirt, one more flattering to my own shape and height (or lack of it!).

    • Millie, I am sure you’ll look very good at any age! And you’ll be dressed
      to show your beauty. Best to you! I wonder if you received my email re
      “Pit of Vipers”.

      • I have received it, JF. Thank you so much for your kind words. I just need to find out about guest blogging before I reply. I’ve no idea what it entails. I really am a novice at blogging techniques! If you’re wanting to do a post in the next few days, I think it would probably be as well to stick to what we know. You did a wonderful job last time. I’ll get back to you soon. Believe me, I’m very grateful that you’re doing anything at all.

        • It’s your choice! I can write a post any time. It’s easy because I enjoyed reading
          the book. So just let me know what you prefer. Best wishes!

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