Life is full of surprises or robbers, where are you?!

If you missed it you must read it! It happened in Rome and Lido di Ostia.


At that time we lived in Lido di Ostia and were waiting for American visas.

One gorgeous sunny day I went to the Central post office in Rome to get correspondence from the Soviet Union (only our parents were brave enough to send us letters).

A smiling postal worker looked at my ID and disappeared.

When I saw him again he was not smiling. He told me something in very fast and unfriendly Italian and all people around started to laugh.

Then the guy gave me 4 letters and I turned to leave.

Somebody said in English: “Wait, wait!.Prepare yourself!”

Six large same size wooden parcels appeared on the counter. The weight of each was 11 kg.

It was a huge heavy surprise! I could not carry more than one parcel at any moment but I had to transfer six of them to the railroad station in Rome. Then I had to…

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