Rule of thirds?


Can’t even walk without them!

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5 thoughts on “Rule of thirds?

    • I disagree. Majority of inventions made by people who were not experts in appropriate fields. They did not know that they were breaking rules.

      • Hello JF, I should not have used the word “only”Certainly sentient beings can and will invent ways to overcome obstacles. These preliminary inventions though often start with certain principles that are standard to the application. Processes or products can be reinvented or modified or perhaps mere luck could catapult one into an idea or process already known to someone else but not to that one. Certainly history tells us that the Romans knowledge of waterworks were far ahead of their time so far the engineering and mathematics were concerned and even now “modern” engineers are rediscovering and wondering how those ancient people gained their knowledge. Refinement on the other hand,ie to make one of those processes more efficient required the original rules to begin. I could agree on a few stumbles into original invention,say the lever, but I cannot agree with you on “Majority” Feel free to continue and thank you for this debate.

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