Florida is a sunny state.

In a normal sunny day we have a wonderful view from the balcony of our rented apartment on the 27th floor of a building in Hollywood (photo #1).

photo #1

photo #1

However, when it’s raining, we can see less (photo #2) but my wife can hear much more (she hears sounds of the rain).

photo #2

photo #2


Last time when it was raining I saw that rain produced something like my digital paintings on the balcony’s floor. Surely, I was glad to photograph the nature’s art (photo #3).

IMG_1275 (640x480)

It’s very good that Florida is a sunny state!

IMG_1175 (640x480)



6 thoughts on “Rain

  1. Well, we need rain … 😦
    I have experienced the most torrential rain in Florida, it was absolutely unreal. And the next day; tropical sunshine. Enjoy.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Dina & Co

    • Hi, Dina. Do you need rain to melt snow or for vegetation? Sorry, I can’t send you one. This week is sunny and very warm again (80F+) here.
      Best to you and Co!

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