I was proud of America in 1941!

There are people in America today that are not proud of their country.
These people don’t know history or prefer to forget it.

The post below reminds how America saved the world from the Nazi Germany.

During my lifetime America helped many countries to recover after the WW2, saved or freed many countries from Communism, helped and continues to help many countries to develop their economies, to fight diseases.

I was shocked today to find out that students of UCLA voted to ban the American flag in the student area.

“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.



On June 22, 1941 without declaration of war Germany invaded the Soviet Union. At that time I was 7 years old.

In 73 years I wrote about that day and the Great Patriotic War in the post MY MOTHER’S BIRTHDAY.

Odessa was occupied during the war and my mother and I were fortunate to reach Sverdlovsk in the Ural Mountains and to rent a small room there. My mother was a nurse in a military hospital and she was able to come to our room only on Sundays for several hours

All other days I stayed in the room reading everything I could find. Our landlords, two mighty sisters about 65 years old, helped me daily to do the most important thing: to get my food ration.

During winter the situation in the city was especially bad. Food rations were tiny and there was impossible to get berries or…

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2 thoughts on “I was proud of America in 1941!

  1. Yesterday on FB I posted a similar statement. I have many friends at home USA mostly conservative, middle class, over 50 years old. Have had all the luxury and benefits of the previous generations without much of the work or duty to country. I hear how they wish america was a great nation again. Its a puzzle to me as an american living away in a country with out freedom of speech, freedom of the press etc. I also see how much our country has done to help other countries. We have gone to war when it was wrong but no other country has the military might to confront an ISIS not China or Russia. We can be critical of our government without being jailed or killed in the street. jackie

    • I forgot to mention that America gave millions of individuals an opportunity to escape persecution, to start a new life in a free country. During 40 years of my life in America I saw that naturalized Americans love this country very much and that they and their children are patriots of the country. At the same time some people born here became terrorists.

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