Who created symmetry (2)?


Not long ago I published the post WHO CREATED SYMMETRY?

I expressed there several original thoughts about symmetry.

One of them: “As a rule beauty is not symmetrical.”

Another: “… symmetry … shows limits of human imagination.”

Please read more in this old post and then take a look at the picture below.

What’s your opinion?

IMG_1336 (480x640) 

9 thoughts on “Who created symmetry (2)?

  1. A human body is not symmetrical but artists and sculptors love ‘the human form’ because its structure is beautiful. A face is definitely not symmetrical but is beautiful – particularly in its ability to express emotions.

    • Exactly what I mean. It is not beautiful because it is symmetrical. Too boring! Enhancements can break symmetry and make it attractive.

  2. I think the symmetry here is quite pleasing and beautiful. I love geometric forms. So, as art this building is beautiful. As a home, it wants for individuality.

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