For many decades I look at people, things and events from different angles.

It allows me to feel and to understand more, to love more and to enjoy life fully.

Below is a photo that I shot several days ago.

Hope that you’ll like it.


TILTED                                                                                                               by JF



10 thoughts on “Tilted?!

  1. Reblogged this on Dream Big, Dream Often and commented:
    Strive to understand that all things have a counter-perspective. Your view of your world is one small snapshot of a much larger image.

    (please be mindful to give the original page a view and comment. I only hit a share button, they did all the work. You would want the same done for you!)

  2. Love it . . I often do this but am never sure why I do . . now wondering if it is because I try to consider things from different angles too.
    PS found your lovely post via Danny’s fabulous Dream Big, Dream Often 🙂

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