The Daily Post photo challenge: Transition

Kalahari resorts at Pocono Manor

Kalahari resorts at Pocono Manor


Transition at Pocono Manor (good or bad?)

Cutting down at Pocono Manor. Good or bad?












10 thoughts on “The Daily Post photo challenge: Transition

  1. For me, cutting down a healthy tree is always wrong. A water park sounds a lot more motivated by profit than love of nature. And don’t be seduced by the promise of new jobs. I bet there won’t be one for each tree that has been cut down.

    • Cindy, it’s too late! The first phase (huge building for conventions and guests, small indoor waterpark, area for
      visitors are already build and function). Many people are very happy that many jobs were created (majority of them
      are temporary jobs). Others think only about entertainment that this waterpark brings. Kalahari resorts expects
      profits after completion of construction. It looks like nobody cares that the whole area lost its natural beauty.

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