ViewBug and Tristan Quevilly

In March of this year I found ViewBug – “a creative community with the world’s best photo contests.”

It was a love from the first sight. I joined it and it gives me an opportunity to relax a bit during very difficult time in my life (my wife is very seriously ill).

In every creative community you meet interesting people. I made many friends with extremely talented and very good people on WordPress. I also starting to know people in ViewBug.

Before my wife became ill I saw the portfolio of Tristan Quevilly on ViewBug and his newly created website. Tristan is from France but now lives and works in Columbia. Below is one of his photos.Cherua by Tristan Quevilly on

This is what Tristan wrote to you:

“I’m Tristan Quevilly, a Portrait and Landscape photographer living in Colombia. 
I share with you … some photos I love, I hope you will enjoy them and maybe change your mind about this country. Colombia is not a dangerous country as everybody says, but  a true paradise with wonderful people and places ! You are all welcome ! “
I am sure that you’ll enjoy very much seeing Tristan’s photos HERE.

7 thoughts on “ViewBug and Tristan Quevilly

  1. Beautiful! I’m simply blown away by Tristan’s spectacular photos on his blog. I’m sorry to hear your wife is seriously ill. Peace & blessings, ฅ(≚ᄌ≚) NBC

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