“One thing is certain, and I have always known it – the joys of my life

have nothing to do with age”

— May Sarton

I am 83,5 years old.

At 80 (or 90?) we are close to the mental and spiritual peak,

we have a bit of life experience and we still remember

what is love and sex.  .

I’d like to stay young in mind and spirit and to enjoy every

minute of my life.

My greatest joy and love is my family.

Reading, photography and playing chess are the greatest pleasures.

Walking and exercising keep me fit.

Politics and economics, international affairs and philosophy,

music and art are of interest to all of us.

Blogging allows to learn daily, to communicate, to share

interests and feelings.

I already found many talented people who are now my good friends. I’ll do my best to

make this blog interesting.

463 thoughts on “About

  1. I can’t remember which novel from Rafael Sabatini it was or the exact quote but it was something like this.
    It’s not the years that make a man old. He is old when he has no more hope and illusions.
    I like your blog. Mature, interesting and with deep thoughts.


    • Thank you for the nomination but my blog is a NO AWARD blog. I appreciate very much reblogs and links on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Best to you!

      • I’m sorry for that and did not mean to cause any offense. I hope that you will get some new visitors through those exploring the nominations. 🙂

          • Thank you but actually these awards are a double edged sword to be sure … I have now worked out how to display the badges and hope that it will put people off double nominating me 😉

  2. Hello JF, what an inspirational introduction. I dropped in to thank you for following my blog – The Reluctant Retiree, and I paused to have a look around. What an eclectic collection of beautiful observations . I will be following you also.

    • I hope so but I lived first 40 years in the USSR. You can read about it in my posts about life there if you go to the page “My writings”.

  3. Anytime I come across someone using same theme – Twenty Eleven – I pause and check their blog.
    Yours is a wonderful blog!! Loved reading ‘About’ you – sums up whole life – past, present, future. You are an inspiration 🙂

  4. I came to your blog through a random accident. I’m staying because I like it very much. You are an artist on so many levels. I’ll look forward to reading/seeing more of your work.

  5. Thank you for following my blog. I am very inspired and impressed by your blog. I hope that in a few more years I can be as vital and energetic as you are.

  6. Glad I found my way here. It’s nice to “meet” you. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Were the Pocono Manor photos taken in the Pennsylvania Poconos? I grew up not too too far from there.

  7. Hi! I don’t think I’ve said my thank-you so THANK YOU for the FOLLOW!!! So coincidental, too, that your initials are the same as mine (mine was JF until the first week of January 15, he he)….Think I’ll have a look around your blog 🙂

  8. Hi JF,

    I was wondering if you would be willing to help me out with something. Recently, you liked my post, “How to Know You’re Enough!” …on my blog, begintobelieve.com.

    It really seemed to resonate with a lot of women; I guess we can all relate to the overwhelming-ness of being female in todays’ society.

    Anyway,because this post resonated with so many, I’ve decide to write an ebook entitled “How to Know You’re Enough!” – The Manual- The Female Edition.

    It will be a comprehensive, funny and honest list of everything we do, every day, for everyone, more or less!

    Would you be interested in making your list of everything you do, every day, for everyone, more or less, to possibly be included in the book? And If I use any “unique” items on your list, I will include your name as a contributor to the book!

    Your list can be anything you consistently do for anyone or anything that takes you time, mind and effort…things you do consciously or unconsciously, quietly or out loud!

    So if you’re interested and have questions, you can contact me at rdavis4848@gmail.com or you can just send over your list to the same email address along with your full name and email anytime prior to July 1st.

    And if you know any other wonderful females that might like to be a part of this project please feel free to pass it along!

    I know you have a lot on your list, so I really appreciate you taking the time. Thanks so much for considering it!

    Robin Oxford-Davis-

  9. Hello,

    You have a beautiful blog dear. I was intrigued to read it and was wondering if you and I could be collaborators. I am a new blogger and started my humble blog some three months ago and had almost 3,300 followers. I believe blogging community is the most supportive and encouraging community. I want some writers as well. I kept unwell and was looking for someone who would like to post on my blog too. I would be highly obliged if you take a look at my blog and allow me an opportunity to collaborate with you. I love to write and write for some Ezines and Webzines like Roberta Pimentel and The Millionaire’s Digest.

    Warm Regards

    • Hi, Sakhi. Happy New Year! How do you see our collaboration? Is it just reblogs? Is it guest posts? Anything else?
      Are you particularly interested in writing? What topics? Please let me know and then we can try it.
      Best wishes!

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