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I am close to 80 and have a lot of interests. I am looking for talented, creative people who are young at heart and want to be happy, want to share their knowledge, feelings and love. My greatest love and achievement is my family. I love people. Photography and reading are my best pleasures. I am going to share with you photos I like and books that I read and like. I enjoy playing chess and go. Please join my blog and see what other interests are in my life.

My dream



ViewBug and Tristan Quevilly

In March of this year I found ViewBug – “a creative community with the world’s best photo contests.”

It was a love from the first sight. I joined it and it gives me an opportunity to relax a bit during very difficult time in my life (my wife is very seriously ill).

In every creative community you meet interesting people. I made many friends with extremely talented and very good people on WordPress. I also starting to know people in ViewBug.

Before my wife became ill I saw the portfolio of Tristan Quevilly on ViewBug and his newly created website. Tristan is from France but now lives and works in Columbia. Below is one of his photos.Cherua by Tristan Quevilly on 500px.com

This is what Tristan wrote to you:

“I’m Tristan Quevilly, a Portrait and Landscape photographer living in Colombia. 
I share with you … some photos I love, I hope you will enjoy them and maybe change your mind about this country. Colombia is not a dangerous country as everybody says, but  a true paradise with wonderful people and places ! You are all welcome ! “
I am sure that you’ll enjoy very much seeing Tristan’s photos HERE.

Mother Earth

It’s cold and raining in New York today.

However, it’s so pleasant to remember that our planet always have terrific warm places.

Just imagine that you are in one of them!



My surprises come usually once I start rolling and photographing.

Kim Weston

One day it was raining hard in Hollywood (Florida). As the result there was a lot

of water on the floor of the loggia of our apartment.

Raindrops continued to drop on the water in the loggia and it looked to me as a

new organism was born there.

I took my camera, zoomed it on water on the floor and took a shot. Then I made

the photo in black and white.

I got a surprise – a living monster.




It is wonderful that children who are loved play and don’t think about security.

The world is too dangerous today!


People and flags

There are always many people who look down at the skater rink in the Rockefeller center..

There are also many flags on the same side of the street.



Green is prime color.

That’s why it is easy being green.


Every human longs for peace and love.




On 1/20/2017 I found on LEARN FUN FACTS and enjoyed the post

Thinking About Circles

The post with many quotes about circles inspired me to create a simple painting below.

I hope that you’ll like it.

We think of our lives as straight or not so straight roads but I believe that we often follow circles and our happiness and all emotions depend on their colors.



Somebody was watching me

I was walking from the Pocono Manor Inn to the Carriage House.

The road was empty but all of a sudden I got a feeling that somebody was watching me.

I stopped, took my tiny camera from a pocket, prepared to take a shot and slowly started to turn.

Then I saw him. He stayed quietly until I made a photo. Then both of us went to our destinations. I was delighted. Hopefully, he liked our meeting too.

020-640x480-copyTHE ROAD TAKEN

The best match



Against the Odds

I met somebody last spring and was so inspired that against all odds I created the unforgettable picture below.

Sorry, it is not a photo but I hope that you’ll be impressed by this extraordinary haircut and the depth of my imagination.



WPC Challenge: Shadow












Blogging = creativity + sharing = joy

Below are one of my favorite quotes and a photo I was lucky to shoot in Hollywood (Florida). I hope that you’ll like them.

What sweetness is left in life, if you take away friendship? Robbing life of friendship is like robbing the world of the sun. A true friend is more to be esteemed than kinsfolk.

Marcus Tullius Cicero



I would appreciate very much if in comments to this post you shared whatever you like or proud of (giving links to your blogs).

Thank you.

The Pocono Manor Inn

Today’s weekly challenge is AMBIENCE.

Every time I enter the Pocono Manor Inn I feel its special atmosphere.

Below is a photo I selected for the challenge.


Winter in Hollywood (Florida)