Art of Etienne Pirot

It does not matter if you already know about Etienne Pirot and his art or not.

When you look at his sculptures you feel how light and expressive they are. They are about all basic human values: love, friendship, motherhood, faith.

His imagination has no limits.

You can read about Etienne Pirot’s life and see his sculptures HERE.





Art of C.W. Roelle

Today is Saturday.

I hope that you are warm.

You definitely deserve a treat.

So please click HERE and enjoy creativity of C.W. Roelle.


And here is my digital painting. You might like it too. Anyway, it’s FREE!



A man with a shovel

I know that many bloggers have only seconds to look at a post.

However, I want to share with you a video below.

Please look at the man, at .his eyes, at results of his efforts.

I am very impressed!

He found his path, he followed it for years.

It was not easy but he was happy.

Is not it what everyone wants?

What’s your opinion?

Art of Konstantin Razumov

Some time ago I published a post “THE WOMAN WHO LEFT YOU”.

I explained in the post how I found paintings of Konstantin Razumov and gave a link to them.

Below is one of his paintings.

I hope that you will use the link above to read my short post, to enjoy Razumov’s paintings and a clip of music in the post.

There is also a wonderful poem in the post. It tells about spirit of beautiful women of Konstantin’s paintings. The poem is in Russian.

Here is an excerpt from it in English (! hope that my translation did not distort the spirit of the poem):

“The woman who left you will not

Remember your arms around her.

She will be older on one more loss.

But she still has her two wings.”



Paintings of Anna Kostenko

Art of Maude White

From the website of Maude White (

“Maude White is a papercutting artist living in the Hudson Valley. She loves the great strength, yet delicacy of paper. Her work is done on the macro as well as the micro level. Every cut is exact and meaningful. She enjoys playing with positive and negative space to create fantastic scenes and stories. She considers herself a craftsperson and has a deep respect for the paper she transforms. In pursuing her work, she hopes to make visible to others the immense world of possibilities that every piece of paper holds.”


Silent Sunday?

An Old Master or a Mini-Monet (Kieron Williamson)?

The article below tells about an art prodigy Kieron Williamson and gives six opportunities to choose between his paintings and paintings of Old Masters.

I was right 5 times.

Enjoy the article and please let me know your results.



Art of Charles Jencks.

I admire people who create beauty! 

There are many such people among followers of this blog. They are poets and writers, artists and photographers, craftsmen, parents, creators of beautiful meals, teachers, spiritual leaders, composers, etc.

It is my great pleasure to enjoy your creativity and communicate with you. 

I love to share knowledge! 

Please, click HERE, read about Charles Jencks and see his designs and landscapes. 


Art of Gaylord Ho.

Gaylord Ho was born in a family of poor farmers but he was able to excel his dreams.

Please click HERE to read about his life and to see his art.

I believe that you’ll like his emotional sculptures and that his life and achievements will inspire you.

Connection after death (Wassily Kandinsky – David Paladin).

Yesterday I published a post about life and quotes of Wassily Kandinsky.
If you missed it please read it now HERE.
Then read an incredible but true story below.
Wassily Kandinsky, the great Russian painter, died on December 13, 1944 in Neuilly sur-Seine. At the same time in a German concentration camp of hunger and torture was dying American soldier David Paladin, white-skinned son of a missionary and Navajo Indian …
David Paladin was born in 1926. He spent his early years on the Navajo reservation near Chinle, Arizona. From an early childhood the boy showed violent temper. He kept running away from his family and soon found himself in a penal colony in Oklahoma.
With great difficulty he learned cartography. In this specialty he was drafted into the army. In Europe he was wounded and ended up in a German concentration camp, where experienced all the horrors of imprisonment.
When Allied troops liberated the prisoners a British patrol found his body and thinking him dead, threw it on a train of corpses. While unloading, they saw movement and took him to the hospital. Paladin was shipped back to the U.S. where he remained in a coma for two years.
When he regained consciousness he said in pure Russian that he was Wassily Kandinsky. Then he demanded the paper and began to draw and paint in the style of Kandinsky.
Everyone was surprised. Patient’s fingerprints were of the American soldier David Paladin, while he considered himself a Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky. Paladin drew a few pictures, and experts unanimously recognized the hand of the late abstractionist.
After leaving the hospital David continued to paint and he also started to play piano very well. It is well-known that Wassily Kandinsky in his childhood learned to play the piano.
Then Paladin became an art teacher at a college in his native Arizona. Later in Albuquerque (New Mexico), he opened his own art studio and enjoyed great popularity.
Paladin had many admirers. One of them was Thomas M. Messer, director of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York. He openly admitted that Paladin’s pictures are a direct continuation of work of the great Russian abstractionist Wassily Kandinsky. Museum bought 130 paintings of “New Kandinsky”. And when the museum held exhibition of paintings by the great Russian artist, in a separate hall it showed paintings of David Paladin.
Once at the request of friends Paladin agreed to be hypnotised. The doctor who hypnotised him, recorded David’s words on a tape recorder.
 What do you think?
This American to the bone again spoke fluent Russian, without the slightest accent. He told the doctor about the Kandinsky’s life: his childhood, studies, travels, life in Odessa, Moscow, Germany, France.
Then he said in Russian: “Why after my death my soul moved into this man?”…And then he answered after a pause: “Maybe, to complete the unfinished series of paintings.”
David Paladin died in 1984.
Ruth Montgomery wrote about the case in her “Threshold to Tomorrow” and Dr. Banerjee’s in “The Once and Future Life”.

Life and quotes of Wassily Kandinsky.

Yesterday I received incredible information connected in unbelievable mysterious ways with Wassily Kandinsky. I am going to publish it this week.

In the meantime I recommend all of my followers and guests to read about life of this artist HERE and in other articles on the internet and to read his quotes below.

Everything starts from a dot. ”

There is no must in art because art is free. ”

The artist must train not only his eye but also his soul. ”

The more frightening the world becomes … the more art becomes abstract. ”

Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the harmonies, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another, to cause vibrations in the soul.”

Of all the arts, abstract painting is the most difficult. It demands that you know how to draw well, that you have a heightened sensitivity for composition and for colors, and that you be a true poet. This last is essential. ”

The true work of art is born from the ‘artist’: a mysterious, enigmatic, and mystical creation. It detaches itself from him, it acquires an autonomous life, becomes a personality, an independent subject, animated with a spiritual breath, the living subject of a real existence of being. ”

The artist is not a ‘Sunday child’ for whom everything immediately succeeds. He does not have the right to live without duty. The task that is assigned to him is painful, it is a heavy cross for him to bear. ”

To create a work of art is to create the world.”

Glass art by Alexei Zelya.

You can read about Alexei and see his art HERE. (a text and photos are below “Cameras and Accessories B&H).

Art of Victoria Stoyanova.

Veni, vidi, vici” 

Julius Caesar


I found, I saw, I share.



Let’s have no wars in the blogosphere!

What is important in art?

Julien Meneret lives in Melun, France. The distance between Melun and New York is 3552 miles.

Julien is 30 years old. The difference in age between us is 50 years.

I don’t know French but I did not need to know the language to understand and enjoy his photos.

Recently I introduced to you his “Rainy day. Park Debreuil, Melun.”

Today I want you to take a look at two other photos. They are so simple! However, I enjoy looking at them. Hope you’ll like them too.


REFLECTION,  DEBREUIL PARK,  MELUN                              by Julien Meneret.


SUNDAY STROLL                                          by Julien Meneret.


















What is important in art? What makes people of different countries, different ages and different cultures understand and enjoy it?




Art of Nikolaj Arndt.

Several days ago Nicolas Green shared with the Google Photo Community the painting below made by Nikolaj Arndt.










You can read about Nikolaj Arndt HERE and see videos that show how the painter works on streets, his street art and his graphics.

Victor Caroli.

Some time ago I posted a photo by Victor Caroli “MOON TREE ISLAND“. Many people liked it.

Today you can learn about Victor Caroli and explore his galleries below.


It took me a long time to explore the website and I will come to it again and again.

I especially liked Africa, Americana with many diners and views of Sedona (I traveled there), Black and White photos, Fine Art, Urban Geometry and Italy. However, there are also beautiful photos of flowers and sunsets. If you like cars you’ll enjoy seeing cars at the show.

It seems to me that Victor has photos for any taste.


Rimantas Dichavicius.

Rimantas Dichavicius is a photographer and an artist.

He is a born romantic. It is a romantic touch that helped him to publish an album, glorifying feminine beauty. The album ”Flowers of Flowers” was presented at the International Book Fair in Moscow in 1987.

Rimantas Dichavicius recalls: “There was censorship. This topic has been banned…Adherents of strict morals did not attack me. Just had a surprise – not up to criticism. ”

Foreign experts wondered how such high level of skill emerged in the country where the photos in the genre of “nude” have been banned for 70 years?

Rimantas Dichavicius never thought about that. He just did poetic, upscale photos elusive beauty.

Read about Rimantas Dichavicius and see his photos HERE.


Art of Nino Orlandi.

A year ago Katie Hosmer posted the following article:


I was unable to find Nino Orlandi biography.

However, I found a video that shows many not only his wooden sculptures but

also other sculptures and paintings.

You can see everything HERE.

Art of Abbey Altson.

Abbey Altson was a man who was building his world.

He was born in England, then in early 1880’s he went to Melbourne, Australia to study painting. After several years there he won a Gold Medal for his painting and returned to England.

In London he became a successful painter of portraits and genre pictures.

“He is best remembered today for his exercises in late classical painting, taking his lead from Lord Leighton, Alma Tadema, Waterhouse and Godward. He exhibited at the Royal Academy and at the Royal Society of British Artists. In the 1920’s and 30’s he visited India regularly, executing commissions for Prince Ranjit Sinji. Towards the end of his life he settled in America, where he died in 1949.”

You can see Abbey Altson’s paintings HERE.

However, bear in mind that below Altson’s paintings there are also paintings of other artists. Click on each painting to see the artist’s name.