Under influence of rain.

Tonight I saw the movie “Love Crime” and I liked it.

If you did not see the movie you can read about it HERE.

As I mentioned in several posts I always liked and admired smart strong women. If they were also beautiful it was fine but it was not really that important

On the way home heavy rain started and I came home in wet condition (I hope very much that you’ll forgive me this expression).

I took a hot shower, drank a hot tea and thought a bit about the movie.

Then I remembered the article by Hanna Rosin “Men are obsolete” that I already discussed in the post  “A look from a different angle (part 2).

The two women in the movie “Love Crime” are smart, strong and beautiful. They are top executives in a large company. Should we admire them? Is it a good prove that men are obsolete? Is it good for modern society that women who reach top positions behave the way these two women behave in the movie? Is it a victory of feminism?

I read many times in different blogs statement: “I am a feminist”.

Could anyone be so kind to explain to me what this statement means in America and other countries of the West today?

Please let me know.