He was born in 1932 and he is still active.

His name is Michel Legrand. You can read about him HERE.

When the movie “The Umbrellas of Cherbourg” appeared in the Soviet Union his music conquered the country.

Decades passed but I still enjoy it (maybe even more than when I heard it first time).

Video below is a wonderful combination of the saxophone performance of this music with beautiful autumn pictures.


About this morning.

After a vigorous workout in a gym I needed relaxation. I found this old post and happy to share it with you.

However, something strange happened to the reblog. Please immediately go to the original.


Lady on the bicycle.

“The woman who left you”.

I got an email and I want to share with you what is in it.

It has three parts: beautiful paintings, excellent poem in Russian “The woman who left you” and a small music clip below the first painting.

The artist is Konstantin Razumov. They call him on the internet “A Russian impressionist”. Look at the paintings and judge yourself.

You can listen to the music without problem.

If you don’t know Russian you can believe me that the poem is good or you can learn Russian. It’s easy!

Now just click here and enjoy!