I know, I know!

After I published yesterday the short post “Do you believe in evolution? Our relative?” one of my followers (M-R) asked me to clarify my beliefs. I do it by reblogging this post.

“Gods, Graves and Scholars”.

About 60 years ago I read a wonderful book “Gods, Graves and Scholars: The Story of Archaeology.” 

The book written by C. W. Ceram (January 20, 1915 – April 12, 1972). It was the pseudonym of German journalist and author Kurt Wilhelm Marek.

I was a little younger at that time and the book impressed me very much by facts about lives of all famous archaeologists, about all major discoveries and by its literary style.

After reading the book I’ve  never stopped learning about archaeology and history of civilizations.

If anyone of you did not read the book I highly recommend it.

Wikipedia says: “Published in 28 languages, Ceram’s book eventually received a printing of over 5 million copies, and is still in print today…

Other books by the author include The Secret of the Hittites, March of Archaeology and The First American, a book on ancient North American history. 

…The Ceram Prize in archaeology is named after him.”