The Color Green

Today is Saint Patrick’s Day. It is customary to wear something green during this day. But what does green color signify? Read the post below and you’ll know the answer.

Art of Etienne Pirot

It does not matter if you already know about Etienne Pirot and his art or not.

When you look at his sculptures you feel how light and expressive they are. They are about all basic human values: love, friendship, motherhood, faith.

His imagination has no limits.

You can read about Etienne Pirot’s life and see his sculptures HERE.





Inspired by Henri Matisse

Last Sunday my wife and I visited the Museum of Modern Art.

There was a huge exhibition of work of Henri Matisse there.

Two days passed and I feel inspired by everything we saw there and by his attitude to art.

“What I dream of is an art of balance, purity, and serenity devoid of troubling or depressing subject matter… a soothing, calming influence on the mind, something like a good armchair which provides relaxation from physical fatigue. ”
-Henri Matisse

When we left the museum I immediately told my wife that I am going to change my approach to photography and painting.

But it is necessary first to introduce to new followers my digital paintings that they did not see before..

Today I added links to some posts in the page “My paintings and tests”. To access them you need to click on words “My paintings and tests” on the black field below the header’s picture of any post.

In the process of adding old paintings I was pleasantly surprised that they varied nicely in all aspects and that many of followers of this blog made wonderful comments on some posts.

Here is one terrific example:

“I feel as though I’m driving and terribly lost!”

After I took a very serious look at the proper painting I understood his feelings very well.

I think that you should take a look on all my old paintings because I will look for new ways of expression immediately after “The Kelly’s File” tonight.

Please let me know your opinion of my work that started in January of this year.


If you don’t feel well after the review of my paintings I strongly recommend to watch the healing video below!


This morning in a post I stated that people with children are very, very rich. Later I found my old post that proves that people with grandchildren are also very, very rich. I decided to reblog it for you.


I am in a hotel with my grandson.

He does not speak yet but I am sure that he understands everything.

He does not walk yet but I am sure that he’ll start walking any moment.

Imagine that he crawls to a chair and slowly stands up grabbing it with both hands.

Then he hesitates. He wants to go from the chair but he fears to fall.

At that moment I tell him: “Leave the chair and go to me! I’ll catch you!”.

My grandson looks at me, smiles, makes two small steps and falls in my hands.

We are both very happy! Then I say: “Go back to the chair and grab it!”.

He does not hesitate and makes two steps to the chair. I tell him: “Excellent, you already can walk. I love you! Now go to the mirror!”

He looks at me, then he looks at the…

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