Quotes about passing time

Many people love quotes. They find them inspiring, full of right thoughts and feelings.

There is only one problem with quotes: all of them are subjective and many of them are contradictory.

I went to Google to find a quote about passing time. Sure, there were many of them. However, I found two of them especially interesting for myself.

Here is the first one:

Our life is made up of time. Our days are measured in hours, our pay measured by those hours, our knowledge is measured by years. […] And yet time eventually runs out and you wonder in your heart of hearts if those seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years and decades were being spent the best way they possibly could.
― Cecelia Ahern

We can’t argue with the first two sentences. However, I don’t believe that at the end of my life I will wonder if it spent the best way. In my opinion, nobody knows at any point in life what the best way is. We are guessing, we are experimenting and this is an important part of life.

Here is another quote:

                         Time does not pass, it continues.                                                                              — Marty Rubin

This short quote is very close to my mind and my heart. For me it means that people should always think about personal growth and improvement and do whatever necessary at any age.

Nothing is too late!

Life is beautiful! Enjoy every minute!