The greatest achievement!

During my morning walk I noticed a very nice group on the street’s corner far ahead of me.

I stopped, took a camera from my pocket, zoomed the group and made a shot.

The result is below.


THE GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT                       by JF


If you like the picture it’s my achievement.

However, I want to stress here that the greatest achievement I know of is having happy children like a small girl on the picture.

Do you agree?


Short walk

It was raining very hard and I opened a window to enjoy sights and smells.

A man and a dog went out from our building and turned left.

I thought: “Why were they going for a walk in such weather?”

I grabbed my camera and was ready to make a shot when they pass a huge bush on their way left.

However, suddenly they appeared before me.

Both were smiling!


SHORT WALK                                                  by JF


The last step.

Long time ago I saw a painting. It was just a declining brown line on the white canvas.The author of the painting explained to me that it was a woman with a dog. Both the woman and the dog were outside the painting.

I am not an artist. I’ve never played golf. But I enjoyed walking two courses in the early mornings and in the evenings and seeing how people played golf for many years.

Here, in Pocono Manor, the last step of the golf course is very difficult for many players. It has a pond in the middle of it. Each season many golf balls find their peace in the pond.

I find my peace just looking at the pond at any weather. It’s always beautiful, but it was magical one day when there was fog in the area. Unfortunately, I did not have camera at that time.

However, I have camera now and I want to share with you my photo of the pond. I took the photo from the Manor Drive. Golfers are shooting from the left (outside of the photo) and the last hole of the course is on the right (you can easily imagine it).


POND IN POCONO MANOR                                                                                 by JF