Get a feeling of Sergei Yesenin’s poetry

Sergei Yesenin

Sergei Yesenin

I decided to write a short story about Sergei Yesenin, a great Russian poet. I love images and music of his poems from my childhood.

Once he met a girl. Her name was Isadora Duncan. Then his life drastically changed. I am going to write about it later.

In the meantime I want you to get a feeling of Sergei’s poetry

Below is one of his poem translated by Alec Vagapov.

Please let me know if you like it.


We’ll depart this world forever, surely,

To repose in peace and quite. Oh, my Lord!

Maybe, I shall also have to duly

Pack my things preparing for the road.


Oh, my birch-tree woods! Amazing pictures!

Oh, my dear land! My sandy plains!

In the face of crowds of mortal creatures

I’m unable to conceal my pains.


I’ve been filled with love and admiration

For the things embodying the soul.

Peace to aspens, lost in contemplation,

Spreading branches, staring at the shoal!


I have thought in silence days and hours,

I have written songs. And I don’t grieve.

I am happy in this gloomy world of ours

To have had a chance to breathe and live.


I am happy, I have kissed a woman,

I have slept in grass and flower-bed,

And I never, like a decent human,

Hit a dog or kitten in the head.


The unknown land! No blooming pictures!

No amazing fields of wheat, so fine!

Hence, before the crowds of mortal creatures

I have always shivers down the spine.


In that land, I know, there won’t be any

Fields of wheat that shine like gold at night

That’s the reason why I love those many

Living with me in this country-side.


Night in ???

I got an album from my older granddaughter Renee.

There are many interesting photos in it.

However, full moon always impresses me and I decided to share the photo with you.

Hope you’ll like it.

NIGHT  by Renee B.

NIGHT by Renee B.

Can you tell me where is this beautiful night? I doubt it.

But I hope that if you look on the picture below somebody will come up with an answer.

PHOTO by Renee B.

PHOTO by Renee B.



A beautiful country!

A beautiful girl whom I love very much (Renee B.) made three photos below.

Please describe what you see on each photo, what you feel and let us know what  country it is.

It is sunny and warm in Pocono Manor today and I spent this morning taking pictures. You will see them soon (it is not a threat).

Enjoy life! It’s a gift!